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Leader to Leader Storytelling in the Future In Conversation With: April Mullen, presented by eOne
The Connected TV Opportunity Women Wear The Crown Made In Canada
Being Heard: Black Canadians Working Within the Screen Industry In Conversation With Kevin Beggs TERROR TRAIN: The Remaking of a Cult Classic
Looking Ahead: How a Modern Public Broadcaster Serves Canadians Focus On Studios Showrunner Catalyst Program
FESTIVALE: A Ground-breaking Series What Is Canadian Content?

Rocket Forum 2022 Welcome Remarks Dubit And The Metaverse Your Content Where The Kids Are
Case Study: Everybody's Curious & Let's Talk Sex/Mental Illness Kids Being Seen On Screen How to Protect the Elephant in the Room in 10 Hard Steps
Is Roblox the Future Platform for Canadian Kids Content? Co-Productions 2.0 International Media Leaders Working With Canada